• Melbourne Polyurethane

    Manufacturer and repairer of polyurethane cast products for a wide range of industries. We’re located in Bayswater, Victoria, Australia.

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  • Services we offer

    We can service, repair, and manufacture a wide range of polyurethane products for almost any industry you can think of. Please contact us for more information on your requirements.

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  • Where are we!

    33 Holloway Drive Bayswater Victoria, Australia

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  • Grit-blasted!

    All metallic surfaces are grit-blasted in house to achieve maximum bonding

  • Forklift wheels

    We manufacture or rework forklift drive wheeels and load wheels

  • Print Rollers

    We manufacture or rework printer rollers for all types of printers and associated machinery

  • Custom Components

    We can manufacture your custom components to your specific requirements.

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